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      Fire Rated Door

      Over 20 years engaged in commercial/residential hollow metal doors, Danterry has performed numerous projects providing quality UL/CNS fire-rated doors for public infrastructure, industrial and various facilities with exclusive own-developed hardware programming system. The typical projects include Taipei 101 building and Taipei MRT system.
      Danterry’s fire-rated doors are categorized into:
      • Heavy duty Door: 1.5 / 3.0 hrs fire-rated. Medium and entry traffic level
      • Super heavy duty Door: 3.0 hrs fire-rated. High traffic level
      • Temperature-rised Door: 3.0 hrs fire-rated. To supress the temperature on the unexposed side of the door to be not over 250°F in 30 minutes after fire started 
      All fire doors are fabricated in accordance with UL standards.