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      Door Hardware

      Danterry's e.marks commercial hardware meets US and EURO specifications and is tested to international region standards to provide with a comprehensive door solution for customers. 
      We have supplied e.marks high-end commercial door hardware to many public and private projects in Taiwan and China, e.g.:
      • Taipei 101, Taiwan
      • Taipei MRT stations, Taiwan
      • Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan
      • T&C Tower 85F, Kaoshung, Taiwan
      • Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou, China
      • Shenzhen subway,China
      • Grand Hyatt Hotel, ChengDu, China
      • RitzCarlton Hotel, ChengDu, China
      • Shangrila Hotel, Guangzhou, China
      • YangZhou Jingge Hotel, China
      • Changsha Huanghua International Airport, China
      • Xi' an Airport, China