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      Deluxe Entrance Door
      In addition to plain steel doors, Danterry brand features deluxe entrance doors with artistic cast copper/aluminum, handcrafted copper and solid wood plates which can be widely applied to high-end apartments, villas and various commercial/religious applications.
      Made by master craftsman, bronze plate materials goes through one of a kind natural coloring treatment which creats durable anti-oxidation finish that lasts for 20 years.
      1. Durability:
         a. ANSI grade 1 one million cycle test on durability & twist
         b. Copper door panel resists oxidation for up to 20 years.   
      2. Hardware:
         a. Configured with diversible ANSI certificated high secure and
             heavy duty hardware.
         b. State of the art intelligent locking system applicable. 
         c. Patent concealed hinge with entance door won "Taiwan Excellent
      3. Soundproof/Fire insulation:
         a.The door structure is manufactured in accordance with UL /CNS
            fire-rated standard
         b.CNS 8466 soundproof certificated. 
      4.  Solidity
         a. Max. nine layers of metal door structure conforms to heavy
             duty appication
         b. Withstand force entry attempts.
         c. CNS 7184 certificated for wind pressure resistance. 
      5. Exterior panel design:
          Abundant selections of sculptures on panels with different metirials
          ; cast copper, cast aluminum, solid wood and plywood.
    Danterry Patent Concealed Hinge (Won 2015 Taiwan Excellent Award)

    - Rotating axle is installed inside the frame to shorten the radius of U-turn while
      opening and closing, and reduce the door gap efficiently.
    - The door leaf side is combined with the L-type piece and concealed hinge. L-type
      piece can be customized and bear the door leaf weight efficiently.
    - Bolt of hinge core is designed by the bearing and steel ball to reduce the friction 
      and the strength of opening and closing, achieve mute effect.
    - Prevent buglar from entering with external force.
    - The entrance way is fully extented to the width of frame, and will be opaque
    - Certificating with fire test of CNS 11227.
    - Patent Number: M363497.
     - Structure material: cold roll galvanized steel.
     - Anti-Corrosion: Hot-dip galvanization provides an anti-corrision layer for the material.
     - Economical: Anti-corrosive property lowers maintenance required.
     - Integrity: Cold roll process increases firmness which provides stronger structure integrity
       and prevents flexing.
     - Filler Options: Ceramic fiber wool, Stone wool
     - Properties: Light weight, fire-resistant, anti-corrosion.
     - Sound proof: Taking in sound energy when sound waves are encountered, as opposed to 
       reflecting the energy.
     - Inflammable: Fireproof calcium sillcate fiber with heat resistance over 1000 degrees


    Frame Type

    Double weatherstripping - internal bore /  Double weatherstripping - external bore / Single weatherstripping - external bore / L-Shape Frame / Oblique-shape frame / Double entrance raised-shape frame