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    Founded in 1931, Danterry Group has been focused on R&D, innovation and services for door & hardware solution over 80 years. Continuing to make breakthroughs with new products, set up branches in various overseas markets, meeting market demand with strong product development capabilities, Danterry has developed into a highly professional organization.

    Danterry Group’s product lines include: e?marks Commercial Hardware, Danterry Deluxe Entrance Door, ACE Fire-Rated Door, Balance Door, as well as in-depth strategic partnership with Ellison Balance Door.

    • 1931

      Established Acedoor and later becoming Danterry Group

    • 1965

      Began to cooperate with constructional companies with hardware consultation

    • 1986

      Introduced American standard doors & hardware system solution

    • 1990

      Joined U.S Door and Hardware Institute, and develop hardware planning software

    • 1992

      Factory established in Taiwan-Yilan

    • 1998

      Involved major project Taipei 101 Financial Center for more than 5,000 doors, and received excellent supplier award

    • 2000

      Expanded into China market

    • 2004

      Authorized by Plimalle Associates (Asia representative for Ellison Bronze, Inc.) as a dealer of Ellison Balanced Doors in the Greater China market.

    • 2011

      Joined the residential door market

    • 2013

      Combined subsidiary divisions, to form as Danterry Group

    • 2014

      Ellison Balance Door received the 21st China Windows Fa?ade’s “ The Star Innovation Award” and “Developers Darlin”

    • 2015

      Patented product deluxe entrance door received 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award

    Danterry Group
    Danterry Doors & Hardware Co., Ltd Jin Quan Industrial Co., Ltd Ace Lock International Co., Ltd Acedor International Ent. Ltd
    Danterry International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd E Marks International Inc.

    History & Core Value

    Danterry Group has always commited to develop brand image in the recent years, visions to be the pioneer of the industry and become the leading door manufacture with MIT's quality assurance. The company name is the combination of chairman Daniel Liu and his U.S. partner Terry Chao, in 1986, they focused to introduce American standard and combine high quality door & hardware solution, later in 1992 Danterry’s started manufacturing fire-rating door, 2009 expand into residential door production and leads to new product line “deluxe entrance door” in 2012. With unique design of patented concealed hinge, the door can prevent burglar, increase security and safety, the product also received 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award.

    Core Value: (1) Professionalism (2) Innovative (3) Integrity (4) Team

    Danterry Deluxe Entrance Door

    The company stands behind Danterry Deluxe Entrance Door, which sharing the company name, for its high product quality and ensure every user to have the best experience. Features include: (1) Fire-protection (2) Security enhancement (3) High durability (4) Handcrafted exterior design. Unique design of patented conceal hinge is certified with ANSI grade 1 performance test, this design allows the door swing to reach 1 million times, the door structure is manufactured in accordance to fire-rating standard, and for exterior finish includes: bronze, aluminum, solid wood and plywood.
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    e?marks Commercial Hardware

    e?marks hardware is Danterry’s own product line, provides door & hardware solution for construction industry. The brand dedicates in high end market and providing protection of lives & property, include: US/Euro standard mortise lock, exit bar, door closer, floor hinge, access control products, master key system, etc. e?marks certified by ANSI grade 1 performance test, UL and EN standard. Danterry provides service with advanced hardware planning software to improve hardware planning in accordance to specification, international/landmark project reference include:

    Taipei 101 Tower, Taiwan High Speed Rail, T&C 85 Tower, Taiwan Shangri-La Hotel, Taipei MRT, Kaohsiung MRT, Beijing Morgan Center, Xian Xiangyang International Airport, New Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Changsha Huanghua International Airport, Nanchang Changbei International Airport, Guiyang Longdongbao Airport, Xining Caojiabao Airport, etc.
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    Balanced Door, Power Operated Balanced Door

    Danterry Group has been appointed by Plimalle Associates, the Asia representative for Ellison Bronze, Inc. USA, as an authorized dealer of Ellison Balanced Doors for the Greater China market since 2004 and the Southeast Asia market since 2013. Danterry provides marketing and technical services of the balanced doors, which use a unique patented mechanical system and design concept making door swing lighter and easier to operate than traditional doors. This is especially effective in high-traffic locations that require wind-pressure resistance and energy efficiency, making them suitable for building entrances, ultra-tall doors, accessible entrances, and high wind locations. They are more durable and stronger than traditional doors, which extends product life-cycle. Ellison Balanced Doors have been adopted by well-known department stores, commercial business buildings, and hotels. Some notable projects which Danterry has collaborated on include Taipei 101 Tower, Wynn Palace Macau, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei、Taichung、Beijing & Soochow, Taipei Hankyu Department Store, Tainan Evergreen Hotel, Shanghai XinTianDi, NanJing Wondercity, KunShan Jitian Villa, and Shenzhen China Merchant Tower.
    For more information.

    ACE Fire Door

    Manufacturered with advance equipemnt, ACE Fire Doors are among the best door product available. Passing both 3 hours CNS and 3 hours UL10C international standard, ACE is the high quality and safety symbol in the door industry. Some of the project reference include: Taipei 101 Tower, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant, Taipei MRT, Kaoshiung MRT, etc.
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